Top 10 Things You Must Know About Common Roof Leak Locations and How to Fix Them Safely

Having a roofing problem is always hard work. You can never be sure if the problem is a small one or a large one and if you are attempting to fix the problem on your own, it’s tough. Though, common roof leaks are something that most homes experience once or twice in their lifetimes and if you are faced with a leaky roof, don’t panic. It is actually very simple to repair the roof.

Conduct a Home Inspection

The first rule with any problems in or around the home has to be to inspect the area. Find out where the real damage is, that way you can easily know how big the repair work may be. What is more, if you find the work is quite large, you can call in the professionals now instead of making matters worse.

Prepare Your Work Station and Gather All Materials

Once you have decided to fix the roof yourself, the next two things you need to do after inspecting, has to be to prep the area and gather all of your materials. Don’t ever attempt to repair your leaky roof without taking the right precautions or without having all necessary materials at hand. It’s crazy to do a DIY repair job without having all necessary materials, so buy them before you start.

Clean and Check Your Gutters and Remove Debris Buildup

When it comes to roofing problems, it could be something to do with your gutters. If you don’t deal with any blockages in your gutters now, it could lead to serious problems later. You must remove any debris in the guttering and that goes for the roof as well. If you have noticed leaves or rubbish of any kind starting to build up on your roof, it’s time to remove them; you need to ensure the roof is kept clean and debris free at all times.for more information, go straight from this source.

Avoid a Buildup of Ice and Dry Rot

During the winter time, it is more likely that it will rain or snow and when it happens, it can cause lots of problems in creating leaks. If there is a buildup of snow and even ice, it can damage the roof causing leaks to spring up. This means that you do have to ensure your roofs are checked for ice buildup and if there is a buildup, it needs to be removed.

Cleaning up snow and ice is important to keep the roof free from snow and ice.

Leaks Only Get Worse – Fix Them by Replacing Loose or Broken Tiles

A small problem with a leak can lead to bigger ones later on. As soon as you notice a leak forming, you need to fix it. However, this doesn’t need to be too difficult to do in fact because all you need to do is locate the leak and remove the old tiles. If you have loose or broken tiles that are letting in the leak, replace them at once. This roofing problem can only get worse if left.

Take Your Time to Check for Leaks

Just because you have one cracked tile, that doesn’t automatically mean you have found the leak. That might be stupid to say but that might not be the entry point for the leak. You do need to take your time to locate the real source of the leak. You might not be happy spending four or five days locating the leak but it’s better to be thorough than quick and cause more leaks later on. Conduct a quick home inspection on the roof once you think you’ve located the leak, you’ll soon find out if you’ve found the real spot.


Call In a Professional

If everything else fails and you just cannot find the source of the leak, it’s time to call in the professionals. Sometimes, DIY jobs don’t always go right or as smoothly as you would have liked. That means it’s time to get the professionals in, don’t worry though, for many common leaky roof problems, they can be quite affordable to fix.

There are many simple things that you should know when it comes to dealing with a leaky roof. However, if you know ten common problems and the solutions to repair them, it can actually be so simple to fix these problems. Always remember though when you think you’ve fixed a leak to conduct a second home inspection to ensure you’ve fixed the leak.

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