Tips To Avoid Neighborly Disputes While Renovating

Renovation work can always cause a lot of problems. One of the biggest problems that come with renovating has to be arguments sparking up between neighbors. This is something that frequently happens when renovating however, there are ways to avoid getting into conflict with fellow neighbors.

Talk To Your Neighbors

If you haven’t started building your new conservatory yet, or haven’t started any of the work, go and talk to your neighbors. Tell them that you are planning to do some work to your home and ask them if they wouldn’t mind. Usually the neighbors will be happy that you thought about their considerations first and usually will say its fine to complete the work.

However, this also gives them a notice that there may be some drilling, sawing and a lot of noise generating from your home over the coming weeks which means they are prepared and will be less unhappy when the work start. Many disputes start because the neighbors don’t know how long the noise will last but if you let them know, they are prepared and know how long it will last. As long as you tell them you’re considering home improvement work beforehand, they usually are reasonable.

Dealing With Simple Disputes by Talking

If the neighbors have started complaining about the amount of noise you are making when renovating, instead of starting arguments, talk! This is really a simple tip to follow but it’s often one that’s overlooked and forgotten about. However, this is an essential tip when it comes to avoiding disputes between your neighbors. You may be doing renovation work but you don’t need to go to war with everyone.

Have Set Times for the Power Tools

During renovation, you will use lots of loud power tools and it can be actually very annoying to have these things going off at all times of the day and night. Instead, try to limit the times in which you use these. So, for instance, you could use the louder tools between nine in the morning and six in the evening. This way you don’t wake anyone up early in the morning and you can be finished before they get home from work. Don’t drill at night even if it’s your only time to work on it because it will cause rifts and disputes.

Be Wary Of Property Boundaries

Property boundaries can often cause disputes. Before you even think about building something an inch over the property line, don’t! If you think you need more space, ask the property owner if they wouldn’t mind you stepping over the boundary line but don’t just build without proper permission. If possible, double check where the property lines are so not to go over them and cause disputes. Renovation work can sometimes go overboard so be wary with property boundaries.

Privacy Issues

If you are planning to build a balcony, then people do often get a little worried about their privacy. Of course, you might just want a nice place to sit first thing in the morning and admire the sunshine and view but some could see it as an invasion of their privacy. This is what you have to be careful of during home improvement work. Be wary of other people’s privacy and remember that when you construct a balcony.


Remember the Clean Up

Neighbors can be very peeved when building materials are left around the place. Even if it’s not on their property, they still don’t like the idea of old junk lying around the place because it can look very unseemly. They can start complaining so to avoid this, simply clean up the rubbish and remove any unneeded materials as soon as possible. If you keep the area clean, the neighbors are less likely to complain. Cleaning up old materials takes little time and more tips in this link.

Whether you plan to makeover your entire home, or just one part of it, it’s important to avoid disputes with your neighbors. The above are some simple tips that you can use to help you avoid disputes during your home renovation.

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